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July 2019

Interested in how the dichotomy of works at the intersection between image, installation and writing establish multiple narratives, the resulting body of work produced during a month-ling residency at Zaratan was formed from sculpture, installation, print and writing.

These multidisciplinary works are concerned with the exploration of memory and counter-consciousness through a pacing that is both physical and cognitive, pulsing on slow wave sleep rhythms. 

Central to the residency process was the production of a publication titled 'URZE BRANCA',(white heather). This new work is an assemblage of texts produced throughout the residency at the edges of day residue and mnemonic rupture. It is constructed as a chronological binding of circadian rhythmic shift and its dislocation from malignant sleep frequencies. 

The publication acts as a conceptual underpinning to the artwork presented within the studio space, where each chosen discipline forms an interlacing of time, an auditory exploration and a recalibration of multiple internal and external bodily articulations.

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