Residency & Exhibition

D'CLINICstudios residency & RED FLAMINGO solo exhibition


August 2021, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

In addition to D'CLINICstudios' well-established residency programmes, 2021 marks the launch of an alternative exhibition platform – from June 2021, Red Flaming will run; aiming to discover and promote experimental and progressive ideas within contemporary art.



LIVESTREAM 10 February 2021

algia monthly show on radio buena vida presenting poetry, sound poetry and general ambience.


Audio recording 'Coming to Consciousness'  originally produced for Icing Room, London.


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Upcoming solo exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space 2021. More details to be announced soon.


​Artist Commission

Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds 


Zaratan | Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon 

(Date to be announced)


For each edition of the cycle a space is temporarily inhabited for a screening, into which two artists are invited to intervene. The material to be screened provides the raw material, and speaks to the themes of the cycle: leaning towards the itinerant and disorienting. The artists work into the images and sound, and maybe into the space itself.

Curatorship and organization: Isobel Atacus

Support: República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes

Fifth edition details here

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