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At first we were a constellation of bodies gazing at ideas. Two projects Yes, we are next to Lidl and RECAST -  essentially exhibitions put together in the studio, became experiments in the collective grouping together to gain better vision. 

Yes, we are next to Lidl, was planned as a goodbye exhibition to the studio as we were set to leave the premises. It quickly became an experience that changed our minds. We stayed put and had a set of work that made sense together in a given space. We also wanted to say how close we were to Lidl. Thus, it became about proximity - our proximity to each other in the studio and how our work should be closer still.

RECAST was a second experiment, using the other side of the studio. The exhibition took place during Embassy Gallery's Annuale festival. It presented more complete works recast in to a decided curatorial formula, which revealed itself as we cleared the studio, leaving space for artworks placed on a neatly mopped yet decidedly studio-like floor.

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