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Inside the octave

Soundscape completed in July 2020 with production support from Mike Barrett.


In Rebecca Solnit’s, ‘A Field Guide To Getting Lost’ we read “....the words were always sounds first, spoken to the body before the mind.” The audio produced is an experimental sound installation drawing on questions of movement, alienation and belonging. The practice of transmuting voice into the affective medium of sound manifests in a multi-sensory large-scale installation featuring original music composition.

The dominant axis of the durational soundscape is formed from recording a dialogue between two sisters. Both linked biologically and through an echoing and mirroring in vocal tonation, this duality projects familial and learned strategies of care juxtaposed by differing politic embodiment and experience.

The work reinforces sound, music and gesture as an extension of self. In doing so, it is at once, both an affirmation of vulnerability and of the constellations of care that underpin unspoken intimacies. Various installation components are designed to accompany the audio, near and far, each capturing one side of the conversation, unstable, like draping resin skins, fathom lines and charcoal residues.

Extract from full audioCatriona Whiteford
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