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In transit, our memory fragments

Chelsea Space, London
16 March – 27 May 2022

installation detail, 2022, Chelsea Space.jpg

In transit, our memory fragments is a group exhibition of new works by artists JMCAnderson, Brooke Palmieri, Paula Turmina and Catriona Whiteford. The exhibition, curated in collaboration with Nodes network, considered the transformation of memory as a communal process, informed by encounter and exchange, in constant flux. 


Through a collective engagement with the emotional, personal, and political charge of material and memory, the selected works enacted systems of language and transformation, to traverse conditions of communication and objecthood. Each work honouring the vanishing horizon of what we have experienced, and who we have become in the aftermath. Memories can challenge the familiar, become distorted and distant or stand prominently within our minds: either way, memory is an imperfect art of calling what is past into the present – a conjuring – that will always be inaccurate and partial. But no matter how imprecise memory is, it holds a truth. 


The exhibition included the production of ephemera alongside traditional sculptural, painterly, and text-based registers. These articulations of memory resonate through acts of cause and effect, between materials, the audience, and the artists. The result is a show developed through shared conversations, mutual support, and skill sharing, where aspects of the artists’ practices carry across and inform each other’s work, in the common act of remembering. 

Publication available here

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