Limen is a poetry collection written by Catriona Whiteford.


Limen was lpublished in Lisbon in July 2021.  This new work is a long-form poem  produced throughout a residency at Hangar, exploring the natural distruption and  reordering of the city’s cartography post 1755. Equivalent to the Greek word anabasein, meaning both ‘to embark and to return’, the work uses lostness as a process to employ forms of assemblage, revealing material emergence and extraction where the image reabsorbs itself.


It is constructed as a seven-part poem drawn from the processes of transferral and transformation to align newly formed narratives that graft experience across mat- ter and language.


The publication is a limited edition press of 20, A5 colour, £8 each plus £1.50 UK P&P.


Full PDF available here